jxdn - Comatose (Official Music Video)

פורסם בתאריך 4 מרץ 2020
“Welcome to the new way of music, by yours truly” - jxdn

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Directed by Vision Kid visionkid.net/
Produced by Talent X Entertainment talentxent.com/

Tattoo by Isaac Pelayo (@isaacpelayo)

Song Production by Russell (@russellali12) \u0026 Sanjoy (@sanjoyd)

Full Credits:
Starring: Jaden Hossler
Director: Austin Cieszko \u0026 Samuel DelFavero
Executive Producer: Cassandra Couwenberg
Producer: Vision Kid, TalentX Entertainment
Director of Photography: Samuel DelFavero \u0026 Austin Cieszko
1st AC: Walter Bernath
Art Direction \u0026 Production Design: Julia Rome
Art Assistant: Liv Lytle-Barnett
Makeup Artist: Julia Rome
Costume: Julia Rome and Jaden Hossler
Production Assistant / BTS: Walter Bernath and Liv Lytle-Barnett



  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaden's best song, my opinion

  • My fav tiktok singers at the moment is lilhuddy, dixie D'Amelio , jxdn, Tayler and nessa

  • This is my new vibe laying on my couch listening to his songs


  • i went back and watched all the music videos and glad to say i was here since the beginning he’s done so freaking good.


  • Three Days Grace vibes anyone?

  • stranger things vibes fr tho

  • Ok but I actually like this? No idea who he is. Here because Travis signed him lol

  • How did an intro & interlude make the tracklist for his album but not this 1 or Pray which are my 2 favz. Wtf. I woulda taken either 1 over Tonight any day of the week.


  • Don’t know how to tell ya that your music sounds like a cheap emo trickery.

  • Sounds a lot like three days grace.

  • Cool ❤️💕

  • Yeeessss bring back Punk Rock 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • the real rockstar 🖤🎸

  • who here after think about me is out

  • Okay but I love jaden Hossler way too much and I just found him! 🥴🥴🥴😍

  • I love you jaedan you always make it better

  • shit good song

  • fuck yeah

  • l'unico ragazzo oltre pochi che canta veramente bene e non lo fa per scherzo:)

  • ILaward

  • He’s broken 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔


  • Yea daddy red led lights

  • 🛐

  • his arm looks so bare omg


  • he is so freaking underrated

  • his music is therapeutic.

  • the song is stunning and the video is hot, cosa vuoi ei più dalla vita

  • amooo a jaden soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando :v

  • this song still slaps after 1 year

  • Yes the best song 😌👌

  • This is how I’m feeling right now

  • Nobody: Like knowone in the world: Me: MY HEARTS COMATOSE COMATOSEEE IIIIII DONTTTTT CARE ENOUGHHHHHH CARE ENOUGHHHHH MY HEARTS COMATOSE COMATOSEEE ( me screaming this when everyone’s asleep at 1am in the morning LMAO

  • Vou deserve the better

  • su voz es perfecta el es perfecto

  • Abi 9 yaşındayım ama şarkılarını çokseviyorum

  • this song is so good

  • Im in love XD

  • Decided to search songs from Tiktokers and I absolutely love his music

  • i love how he said everything revolved around a broken heart and now that i'm older i now know what it means and say its true

  • Lyrics I don't care enough to miss you After all the shit we've been through My heart's comatose, comatose You were my best friend, now you're dead to me Said you'd become my worst memory You played the victim in reality You never were Straight coats and empty cabinets Ashes from all the mess you left New lease without you I confess that I'm happy you're gone I don't care enough to miss you After all the shit we've been through My heart's comatose, comatose I don't care enough to miss you After all the shit we've been through My heart's comatose, comatose So used to pain that it's my remedy Easy to hate, I gave you everything Funny that you're the one that ran away You left me first Straight coats and empty cabinets Ashes from all the mess you left New lease without you…

  • OMG AWESOME✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • frick

  • God plzz kill me in my sleep

  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Rosalie

  • ayo panda

  • Best video ever

  • “Welcome to the new way of music, by yours truly” - jxdn Me: agreed. And I LOVE IT!!!

  • Who else is here in 2021? No one just me. Ok

  • I love song😍😍

  • His voice: 💖🌸✨🦋 His style: 🖤⛓🎤💀🔪

  • this sounds like teenage 3 Days Grace lol

  • mi hombreeeee

  • Another great song Jaden. Straight from the heart kid. You rock babe.

  • Wow he got tattoos just for his songs what a legend

    • Ya and one of them is the one ppl keep saying he got it to match ness, it actually he got it for a music video

  • Jaden you're super good at singing really I'm in love with your voice

  • Idk if anyone said it or not but .... homeboy was gonna hulk up and couldn't even rip his shirt and just had to take it off abruptly . I fucking cannot ... 😂😂😂😂☠💀☠💀🤣🤣

  • My fav song yet

  • Lets get this to 20millionviews🔥🔥

  • this is my favorite from him

  • why isn't jaden more popular tho.

  • yo his voice ahhhh and then his looksssssssss I wish I had a chance

  • 0:30 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  • Great❤❤

  • I love your song jxdn

  • bro i love ur music and chases too and dixies but bro u soo talented

  • que msc perfeita, pelo amor de deus

  • His voice is just so addictive. Love his music ❤

  • ay love ❣❣💛💛

  • This is jxden best song ❤️

  • most of your songs are heatbreak.did you maybe break your heart after dating something.because im really sorry.

  • Wait why is everyone mentioning tiktok?

  • this was his best hair era

  • hey baby boy

  • Jaden ILove you so much this song is a fire

  • if jaden was in a horror movie hed be a killer for sure

  • Damn I had no idea this dudes music was so good. I just happened to see the TikTok drama and came to check it out. Insane.

  • Русские, я же не одна кайфую с этого? 😍😏

    • Уже год как кайфую

  • Why does this give me linkin park vibes?- but better


  • It's been a year and i still listen to this song every day

  • Sen nası en yakın arkadaşının sevgilisiyle çıkarsın ya ayrıca eski sevgilisininde en yakın arkadaşıydı yazıklar olsun.

  • :)

  • ai gente sou muito cadelinha

  • nenhum brasileiro aqui

  • it is like he wrote the song from josh's pov

  • save my cousin guys pls

  • He is so good

  • ur only good song

  • this is like a three days grace type vibe or like punk rock and this dude is fucking crazy i love his music

  • my friends&i already vote for u @iheartradio &we'll do everyday until 19th of may2021. good luck

  • "I love you, but fuck youuu" I felt that

  • This song speaks to josh now😅