jxdn - Pray (Official Video)

If you are in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, you are not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak with a trained counselor. It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7. suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

listen to pray: jxdn.lnk.to/pray

Production Company: Infinity Studios ∞
Director: Mooch
Executive Producer: Nolan Riddle
Producer: No Crdntls
Director of Photography: Logan Meis
Steadicam Operator : Aser Santos Jr.
Production Designer: Rick Ramirez
titles: docxiv
Makeup - Melina Farhadi
Styling - Parker Noriega



heaven only knows when i'm in hell
none of my friends can even tell
i wanna fucking die but i never say it
sick of getting high but i do the same shit
i can't even cry so i try to fake it
i hate it
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
you're as sick as all the secrets you keep
but the truth is i don't wanna be me
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
now i'm waking up and i'm not dead
living off the words i know you said
i feel like i'm alive and i'm gonna make it
maybe if i cry i don't have to fake it
i'm giving up my pain so you can take it
i hate it
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i'm as sick as all the secrets i keep
but the truth is i can only be me
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
and now i'm sick of all the secrets i keep
i pray to god let me die in my


  • w my heart & soul i love you donate if you can

    • Thank u u made me feel not alone

    • This song was beautiful jxdn and being strong everyone and also keep fighting love you all❤

    • 🥺❤💖

    • Not just a tiktoker the best singer i know

    • You are a beautiful people So proud of you❤️❤️😍😍🥺🥺

  • I feel ya 😒.

  • I found this song as I was having a really bad experience. I walked my self down to the river and debated. For some reason this song came on my page. Thank you.

  • I didn’t believe jxdn when he said It gets better But it really does get better

  • 3:35 awwww

  • 1:04 SAME

  • the whole song explains my life xd

  • This hit different dude.... omg and this felt so powerful

  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Man U made my day, I like the video I feel the same way rn , I feel like I have nobody here for me,, I feel lost in my life sometimes,, sometimes I feel hopeless,

  • this song helps me at times when i feel like i’m about to end it all. it makes me realize that there will be no way back if i do it. and that there’s still a chance for me to live a happy life. however i’m tired of trying to fix everything again and again, i still believe it will work out. i’m really trying not to lose this motivation, but it’s really hard sometimes… knowing i’m not the only one struggling, reading all the comments makes me feel a bit better. to any person who feels bad right now and reading this: you are incredible, wonderful, amazing human being. i luv u. i support u. and i appreciate u. *sending a virtual hug*

  • Love you 😍 💗 💓 💛 ♥

  • 😭❤️

  • I used to be on that line between life and death. As far as I remember, it was around 4-5 years ago, now I'm 19 and after listening this, I finally realized that I've chosen life, it really got better later. I hope that at least a few more people would understand the moral side from there as well. Sometimes you feel that living is a worthless action, and sometimes it really is, but everything depends on you and your personal feeling of the current situation, it will get better, I promise you as Jaden

  • I like your music and you is very butiful

  • Who would have the need to dislike this, this is motivation for people who are in having suicidal thoughts, to try and realize how much they are loved and needed in this world, whoever that has the mind to dislike this is just insane...

  • My mum just passed away and this is how I feel right now

  • He’s touched my heart. I feel like I’m always alone. Thanks Jaden.

  • * knock knock * loading... >❤❤❤❤

  • But aai love joe zoow mats jeden ❤💜💙👻

  • Anyone reading this I love you and I care nobody should die wait tomorrow is a better day with you in it I bless you my brother or sister to stay alive please pray this God loves me and Jesus is with me always I am never alone. And so you never will be I hope these words bring you comfort cause one less died is another life saved and loved Amen♥️🙏💞

  • Thank you for making this video♥️

  • I was looking forward to his album more than any other this year until I saw this & Comatose missing. Now I'm considering not even buying it. They both have more views than Tonight does & it's on the damn track list.

  • Love joe zoow mats jeden 🖤👻

  • I typed "I wanna fucking die," on google and got the answer "Pray"

  • My Dog Lexi died when this came out

  • so sad :( but it's cool and beutiful.

  • Have you ever been so fed up with life that you pray to God you die in your sleep?

  • 😍😍😍

  • U made me feel not alone u made me feel better

  • Find an outlet and look for a reason to live and to love. Every. Single. Day.

  • Comes to his own funeral

  • So sad

  • I felt this

  • bro ILove you

  • Jaden u are loved idk how much times I can say this I love your personality and your looks you are everything I find a great person love yourself and remember God is number one he can heal and save you remember your not alone and that u are being looked up to every single day because u are a great person I love you so much💖🙂🙂

  • Thankyou

  • You cannot beat suicide only learn how you can make it through God willing

  • Like a soar dick can't beat it .... only try live with it

  • Hey Jaden your probably not going to read this or respond but, my tio passed away and I can’t deal with it so I listen to your songs I’m depressed because he passed sometimes I wanna I die.

  • You released this the day after my 26th birthday when i was really in a bad depression about a lot of things and this song actually helped me cope with my depression a lot better than i used to, so thank you

  • i love this song.

  • i heard that he tried committing suicide before, i am so proud of him for going this far

  • ayo- this kinda made me think twice..

  • I love youu

  • I am one of those people that doesn’t want to wake up

  • I lesson to this song when i have suacidal thoughts. It touched me hard and other people too. I realized that i cant change who i am. I only need to be me.

  • This song truly saved my life

  • This song cuts deep

  • god, thank you for this great song.

  • I relate to this song so much as it explains my pain as well as the music video. It really impacted me when I found this song at my worse when it was released.

  • What an amazing job ♡ It's impeccable! I loved It.

  • thank u for the song i lost my friend 1.3.21 and she was only 14 this song helped me when iwanted to so thank u

  • ВАУ

  • you have no idea how huge this message is for me. thank you

  • I am french . I'm speak very bad English 😂😭. Pray is my favorite song 🖤🖤🖤

  • holy shit man, this is really good, keep on making music, its good.

  • This song is so🥺

  • i'd rather die in my sleep though but like when im older. not when im in pain w some disease or sum shit tf.

  • I feel bad

  • You should make a a song that’s cold she can’t keep me

  • this one will always be my fav tooo. says so much 😣😫🙌😭🤍🤞

  • this will be the 20,000 comment, surely almost no one will read it, but unfounded my intention is not to make me answer or something, But I simply find myself in a situation where I need to let off steam, even by writing something that no one will read. Jxdn, Thanks for this great song, I find myself in it a lot, and it's the first time I've heard one of your songs. It makes me feel bad but at the same time good, I can't explain it. I'm 17, my life has always been hell, I have never seriously spoken to someone because unfortunately mine is not a life that can be told, because there could be consequences that would further ruin my life. I started suffering acutely from depression at the tender age of 10, only to realize that since birth it was shit discovering various things, and realizing how I lived, But my lack of knowledge of what surrounds me allowed me to feel good... I have no longer wanted to breathe, to live, to see, since I was 13, because I already understood then that my future would be even more uncertain than before. I feel like crying writing and thinking about it all .. I would seriously like to talk about it freely, I would seriously like to be able to stop to thinking .. In spite of everything I have never smoked, I have never drugged, cut or anything else that could hurt me further, so I have never had any escape valves. Everything got worse when at 14 I discovered that I had a flat back in scoliosis; I have never had anything, my family is poor and not at all happy or close-knit so much, so I grew up with the knowledge that I could not have anything so expensive, But I've always had a dream, which is to become an athlete. Since I was a child I suffered from obesity in an unfair way, as it was caused to me by a disease that then disappeared, but the suffering caused by it never went away.Because of my weight, elementary and middle school were an incredible suffering to face, problems with the teachers, with the social worker every year, because I did not want to go to school To avoid suffering, to avoid being with the monsters that made up that class. I decided to change and lose weight, but I didn't have money for a diet or to go to the gym, so I found myself forced to fast. I lost weight by fasting and running, I almost came to be anorexic and have a brothel of food problems, but I don't care because the suffering caused by others was greater. If only I could follow a diet and go to the gym ... but I couldn't, because my parents don't have much money, they only buy cheap stuff that is terrible, and some days we don't even eat for the Lack of money. But anyway, after losing weight, I didn't feel at all well, because now I was being targeted for my thinness, and my face pits caused by near anorexia. I started training, I got passionate about calistenics and I wanted nothing more, to become an athlete. I ignored every problem, trying to be positive even on the worst days, Where I sank into the depths of hell. Death of some relatives, increasingly disastrous economic situation, and other things, I ignored them all and continued to train, even with a fever.Three months passed, and in three months I lost only three months. My physique had made minimal results almost imperceptible, this is because I did not have the opportunity to follow a diet, nor to go to the gym, and my grandmother died, and I was left without grandparents. All this stress made me give up, stop training and gain weight, as I saw everyone put up with me just because they could afford a diet and go to the gym. When he found out about his back problem, that was the coup de grace. Months and months went by before I could get checked by a doctor, as they cost, And when he told me to visit a physiotherapist, many more months passed. once I went to the physiotherapist he told me that my problem was serious, the flat back in scoliosis puts an absurd weight on my back, Not allowing me to make great efforts, such as training. He told me to stay still and do therapy, but the cost was really excessive, huge for my financial situation. He told me that the chances that the problem could be solved were minimal, since I had to go to him first, at the age of 13/14, and I, I went to him so late (almost 16 ) Because I couldn't afford it economically. The same month the pandemic broke out, which did not allow me to even take free therapies, which had an extremely small impact compared to those that cost. The pandemic closed everything, and I stayed at home, extremely depressed, seeing how much other people actually found themselves in an extremely better situation than mine despite being locked up at home. Because they could let off steam with their games, because they weren't hungry (I speak for those who obviously have a better life than mine) And I was killed by the thought of my problem, of what I never wanted and of everything I sacrificed and did to lose weight and train ..Now I am 17 years old, I am an Italian boy and I live in Catania, Today the situation has not changed, it gets worse every day. My back pain is such that it prevents me from breathing properly, and the doctors keep ignoring me and not giving a damn.I know that everyone thinks himself, this is not even a wrong thought, but I thought that being a doctor meant being a hero and available to everyone, not just to those who have the money. This is only 15% of my life, the rest cannot be told, and I cannot add anything else also because I am at school, isolated from everyone, writing to you a little about my life. I have never had a girlfriend and I have never had feelings similar to love towards anyone, females stay away from me I don't know why. I've tried to change a million times, and all the times I've never been enough for people. What does this whole story have to do with the song? The song says "i pray god let me die in my sleep" This is what I think many times a day. I don't have the courage to end it, also because I hope that someone in this world will be able to help me, to improve my life. or that I can improve it by myself and become a famous athlete all over the world, also because I have not yet given up despite everything and despite my Relapses. I will keep listening to the song, sorry for this little part of my school, hope all of you can have a nice day.

  • Моё состояние описывает эта песня...)

  • You felt this

  • Love this song

  • Hey if anyone needs to talk about anything, my snap is rapdon101. I just recently lost a friend to suicide

    • i’m so sorry, something similar happened to me a few years ago. i promise you that it does get better stay strong dude!


  • I LOVE this

  • I just feel like running away

  • I few days ago i lost my loved one. I never told him my true feelings. It was just a friendsbip with benefits. He died by an sport accident and every secound without him is pure hell for me. He hated it if i cried and maybe he is right next to me and go crazy, cause i think about suicide. Thank you for this song. I try to life for him too. Im never able to hear his heartbeat again or feel his warm body next to mine. But i should fight for him too. I need to life for 2 person now, right?

  • Thank you

  • If you don't mind can I use this song in one of my youtube video? Please I really love the lyrics and can relate so much I wanna make a vid after I get the first sub goal

  • The fact that some people such as my self is scared of suicide, as much as we want to do it we can't so we just simply pray that We die in our sleep. 😢😳

  • I feel you!

  • I'm going through this at the moment this song is really helping me through it and I thankyou for that I admire you xxxx

  • I want to say to people who hear this song and identify with the lyrics and also to the writer who wrote this song: You need to know that if you are not dead it's just because Gd decided you should stay here, the world needs you! If you feel such feelings you should say to yourself: " I will be strong and I will go through it like a great person. " Remember this is only a period and you will go through it. You are stronger than these feelings or the problems you are going through. Remember you here because Gd has decided that the world needs you!

  • God is Great. Your amazing bro keep making great tracks ❤️🙌🔥

  • this dude is gives me cringe straight tiktok vibes but damn he makes such bomb music.

  • trash

  • in the end you are always alone you just have to accept it

  • Jaden is great❤️✨we love you for your kindness and for being always positive🥺💓 You always cheer me up❤️

  • i feel this song all time

  • these are such feelings..when you listen to this song and you get goosebumps.it's just the best thing I've ever listened to in my life.you're the best,jxdn

  • I...I can't...do this anymore...

  • I will like to die in my sleep plzzzz god kill me in my sleep

  • I felt this right to the core

  • This song is a vibe

  • Im never happy. I never will be. Nothing brings me happyness all I want to feel is pain, I’m disappointing my parents im never good or respectful to anybody. I dont deserve anything all I deserve is pain I’ve been hurt way too many times. Everything comes to an end and I think my life is pretty damn close to coming to a end. Ever since I was a little girl I was so sweet and a good kid not thinking any dirty or bad thoughts, I was good in school I had friends I had family and most importantly I had trust for everybody. Nobody can trust me, I cheated on Jackson cause I missed Tyler I hurt them both so bad. my life is not here for a reason its here for people to make fun of and hate im just gonna sit here and take it so nobody else has to feel the pain I go through every day. I really hope I die… cutting my wrists doesn’t help crying dosnt help getting hugs and being told “ I love you “ isn’t enough. I need to be great full for what I have but its too much stress on me I need counselors ive been talked to by a detective ive sent nudes and talked dirty, ive done things only adults should do. I swear I disrespect people and I make everybody feel like shit, I am honestly so done with living because nobody needs me here my time here has been up and I am really sorry I am making this decision but this is the key to happiness for me. I love you so much you have been so amazing.


  • It absolutely pisses me off that anybody disliked this (let alone 3.5 thousand people)

  • Amazing


  • dying is earsier when you dont have someone and thats me no one cares they all pretend

  • Русские вы сдесь?

  • remember this: Your skin isn’t paper. Don’t cut it. Your face isn’t a mask. don’t cover it. Your neck isn’t a hanger. Don’t hang it. Your life isn’t a movie. don’t end it. You’re not pretty. you’re beautiful. your not ugly: your perfect the way you are we don't like you. because we love you. You don't want to die, you just want the pain to end. don't end your life. please. remember all I have said. your loved by many people. you'd be hurting the ones you love and the ones that love you. I've tried to end my life before, no good comes out of it. your not alone in any of this, there are others going through what you are. I promise you it gets better, it may take time, but it gets better, don't give up and keep fighting

  • Love you Jxdn

  • wow this was 8 months ago

  • He’s amazing

  • You have to admit he was talent